Local Revitalization

Description of Business

  • Agriculture business
  • Real-estate development business
  • General insurance agency business

Introduction of business

Our regional revitalization promotion business is run with the key phrase of “regional contribution.” A regional alliance business, which has been developed through the ferry business, is also being developed in the agricultural business, real-estate development business and general insurance agency business to form a model for regional promotion that leads to the revitalization of Hiroshima, the place where the company was founded.

By saying "Agriculture", we - as a local business- aim at pursuing safe and reliable "food" and "community", by producing value-added products, and by preserving sound mountain and forestry thus preserving safe water and traditional landscape by revitalizing the traditional combination of people's living with the surrounding nature.

We facilitate flood preservation by utilizing idol farming lands on the hills producing rice and various produce in terrace fields which resembles traditional farming in the area, as well as olives which is well suited for cultivation in the area, as the climate of Seto Inland Sea is often compared with that of the Mediterranean.

Moreover, we engage in agriculture without the use of any chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers to cultivate safe produce, and develop and provide products that are suited to our local characteristics.

As a project to revitalize the local area with agriculture, we launched the Aki-no-Shima-no-Mi Project. Through this project, we will develop a new business model and thereby contribute to the creation of new jobs and the revitalization of the local economy.

We opened an olive oil processing factory, the Etajima Olive Factory, in 2015. We also opened a restaurant and store in conjunction with the factory in 2016.
At the store, we sell olive-related products and local specialties. We also provide novel cuisine, cooked mainly with olive oil, at the restaurant. As a result, we have established a sixth industry complex facility in which we engage in the entire process of olive production, including cultivating, processing, selling, eating, and drinking.

In our real-estate development business, through collaboration with our agriculture business and general insurance agency business, we strive to resolve local problems, such as the current aging society with declining birthrate and housing vacancies, rather than mere construction and management of buildings in the conventional real estate business.

We have a stake in the Large-scale Solar Power Generation Project in Hikari City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. This is the Chugoku region’s largest natural energy utilization project. It is capable of generating 20 megawatts of renewable energy, all of which have been sold to the Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc. since January 2017.