Global Shipping:Ship Business

Description of Business

  • Ship owning business
  • Ship sales and purchase brokering
  • Ship charter brokering

Introduction of Business

The Ship Business Division, a part of our international shipping business, is engaged in business based on long-term ship chartering with first-class charterers that are mostly Japanese companies. Our fleet mainly consists of high value-added ships, such as large-sized ore carriers and pure car carriers. Although projects on large-sized ships are greatly affected by market factors (i.e., ship price at the point of purchase, charter hire, duration of charter, rising crew expenses, ship management fee in anticipation of inflation, and capital charges such as interest and exchange rates), we maintain a stable and lasting business by utilizing our long-accumulated insight into the global economy, shipping and financial markets as well as know-how on ship operation.

In recent years, we have started several new projects, such as owning of a Japanese-flagged international ship, ship management, and crew manning.
Moreover, we are engaged in a brokerage business involving the sale/purchase and chartering of all types of ships (i.e., international and domestic ships) by taking advantage of our world/nation-wide networks built through the years via our ship-owning business.