Domestic Shipping

Description of Business

  • Ship owning business
  • Ship management business
  • Ship operating business

Introduction of Business

With our domestic shipping business, we support marine transportation in Japan as a ship owning/operating company. As an owner of various domestic vessels, including car carriers, RORO ships and limestone carriers, we manage ships, regularly provide chartered ships for major coastal shipping operators. As a ship operator, we run cement carriers as well.

With regard to ship management, we have acquired International Safety Management (ISM) certification to provide safe marine transportation, and check the goal attainment level at monthly safety measure meetings. In addition to a special emphasis placed on near-miss reporting and risk assessment, we receive comments from third parties through the Bridge Resource Management (BRM) training program when a ship enters a dock to improve management skills.

This Domestic Shipping business joined LIBERA Group on March 2015. We believe that it will create synergy as a group while deepening the trust with our common clients and financial institutions.