Operating a progressive shipping business on the world stage


In our ship-owning divison of global shipping business, we have bases in Japan and Singapore which is one of the leading overseas shipping countries, and are engaged in a wide range of ship-owning business, both long-term and relatively short-term chartering with leading Charterers in Japan and overseas.

We own a various type of vessels, including bulk carriers from versatile medium-sized bulkers to VLOC(Very Large Ore Carrier), oil tankers, LPG carriers and PCC(Pure Car Carrier).

Although shipping industry is affected by the market such as the price of vessels, charter rates, charter period, capital costs of ship management and manning in anticipation of inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, and other invisible factors, we’re aiming to form a well-balanced fleet with a portfolio of new and used vessels since founded in 1974.

Our development is supported by capability of expecting world economy and professional shipping operation, comprehension of shipping and financial market.

In addition, we’re owning, managing and manning Japanese-flagged vessels and also investing state-of-the-art vessels which are energy-efficient and eco-friendly.


Our Domestic and International network
provide the best solution

S&P, Chartering

We do provide broking services such as ship sales & purchase and chartering regardless of the area and the type of vessels by utilizing domestic and international networks that we have built up over the years as a shipowner.


Our experience and technical skills realize
a safe operation of vessels

In order to implement high-quality ship management and achieve safe ship operations, we have established bases in the Philippines, Singapore, and India to strengthen in-house management and training of in-house crews. Nowadays, we provide ship management services tailored to the needs of not only our own vessels, but also those of ship operators, trading companies, and other customers.

The Philippines, one of the largest suppliers of seafarers in the world, has established three companies: a ship management company, a seafarer manning company, and a seafarer training company. In addition to hiring and training seafarers in-house to ensure stable crewing, we are building a system that contributes to safe operations from multiple angles through synergy with a ship management company and training center.

We have also established a ship management company in Singapore, one of the world's leading maritime nations. We also have an office in India (Mumbai), a major supplier of seafarers, where we also serve as a contact person for manning Indian and Bangladeshi seafarers.

From a long-term perspective, we also focus on training Japanese seafarers and maritime engineers. By working in the Philippines and Singapore, and by gaining onboard experience with them, we are striving to develop human resources who can transcend cultural barriers and create new value.

Ship Management

The ship management department is supporting our business from technical aspects.This team is responsible for managing and maintaining the vessels good condition to transport cargo safely. We provide logistical support from the shoreside to ensure that vessels remain by changing crew members, adjusting and maintaining equipment, replenishing ship's supplies and consumables, and arranging and attending docking work.

Manning Services

We believe that the most important factor for safe operation of a vessel is to have excellent seafarers with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we not only assign the most suitable crew members to each vessel, but also focus on training them mainly through our own training center.Due to growing awareness of the global environment, laws and regulations set by international treaties, ship registry countries, and ports of call are becoming stricter every year. We maintain and improve the performance of our seafarers while utilizing the Group's training facilities.


With a long-term perspective, we focus on training Japanese seafarers and maritime engineers.We are committed to developing human resources capable of creating new value across cultural barriers through overseas assignments and onboard training for both Filipino and Indian seafarers.