Being aware that we are alive
because of the people around us


Considering the other person’s pointof view, being right-minded, honest,and dedicated.


To challenge ourselves to everything and create new value, without being bound by conventional creation or models.


Respecting the other person’s
position and building a relationship of understanding and acceptance.


Sticking to the goals with a
tenacious will and achieving
results that satisfy both ourselves
and others.


Looking ahead to sustainable growth
as a 100-year company, we have clearly
defined our corporate philosophy
which is “MVV,” as a culture that should be
preserved and permanently rooted
in the company.


is sense of social duties and the meaning of the existence for company. In order to survive for the next 100 years and achieve our vision, we promise to always be one step ahead of the marine logistics and continue to take on the great challenges through promptly grasping the changes of times.

is the image we want to have for society in the future. In today’s society where global environment is constantly changing and customer needs are diversifying, we are prepared to make changes in the work that we do to correlate with what is considered “civilized” at the time. We are ambitious to do all this for the aim to be a company that contributes to people’s lives around the world.

is an important moral principle that represents the “culture” of our company. We have defined the five values of gratitude, sincerity, respect,
creativity, and responsibility as the common values of the Libera Group. Each and
every one of us at the Libera Group understands these values deeply, and we will
achieve our future VISION by constantly putting them into practice and challenging ourselves.


The Libera Group will act in accordance with the “Five Values” and practice the
corporate philosophy of “Zero to Infinity” in order to
become a company that can be trusted by all stakeholders.

Building trust with underlying
appreciation of one’s life

The five values begin with a sense of “gratitude” that we are given a life by the
people around us. Having a sense of gratitude means treating all stakeholders
with sincerity, and if we treat others with sincerity, they will also treat us with
sincerity, which will lead to a sense of mutual respect, that will eventually lead to trust.

Deepening trust through creativity and responsibility

Once we establish a mutual trust, we will return with the “creative” work that we do by bringing on new values. We are not afraid of challenges and we will not be bound by conventional concepts and models.

Furthermore, by carrying out our creative
work to the end and fulfilling our “responsibility” to produce results that are
satisfactory to both ourselves and others (win-win), we will earn the trust of our
customers and be entrusted with further business. By expanding and deepening
the cycle of “trust,” “creativity,” and “responsibility,” we will be able to develop our
business even in a changing environment and become a group that can meet the
expectations of our customers and society.